Our engineer will help with basic installation of the software. On the average it takes 20 min. for first time installation. It takes less then a minute to be online and start taking class. On-going Live classes are conducted 3 days a week. You need very basic familiarity with computer and internet. You don’t need any computer expertise to take lessons.

Online education is not a new concept. There are hundreds of universities, colleges and entities that are providing online education. We have been teaching since Mar. 2005. Hundreds of adults and children have successfully to read Urdu from our qualified Live tutors. Parents have been pleased with our service and tutors.

Our Mission

  • To make your educational goals financially accessible
  • To exceed your expectations
  • To maintain the highest academic standards
  • To provide a dynamic learning experience with one-on-one student care
  • To enable you to achieve the highest level of success in the pursuit of knowledge and enrichment, emphasizing the value it can create in your personal and professional life

Our Vision
Education Online Services Corporation’s vision is to be the world’s leading provider of online higher education degree program solutions. With a steadfast commitment to achieving excellence through integrity, teamwork, and innovation, we will make a difference to our educational partners, to the community and to the world. We strive to improve lives through education by making it available to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Education leads to empowerment and empowerment leads to an improved quality of life.